Sell Your Land That You Will Never Use And

Receive Fair Cash Without Any Fees or Stress

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 48 hours PLUS our valuable eBook, a value-packed interview with a Land Expert, and a free Mobile Notary worth $250!

Our cash offer for land will get you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook with a value-packed interview + a free mobile notary worth $250. ¡Hablamos Español!

Selling Your Land Brings More Money, Stability, And Freedom To Your Family

First of all, none of our customers regret selling their unwanted land. Why? Because after a simple sale process with us, your life will be better, easier, and you will be at least a lot closer, if not right next to your goals:

Much more money in your account.

You’ll pay off debts or medical bills.

The quality of your life will improve.

You’ll be able to invest better.

You’ll be free from taxes, liens, etc.

No more risk of trespassers.

No need to maintain the land anymore.

No more stress or thinking about the land.

The Fastest Way To Sell Your Land And Turn It From Burden To Freedom

  • Are you an out-of-state owner or have you inherited the land that you will never see or use and you don’t want to pay endless taxes for it?
  • Have you owned the land for many years but your plans for using it have changed?

Life can surprise us with anything. One year you might have plans with your land, another year these plans are gone. At Advanced Equity Solutions, we help landowners sell their unwanted land fast in ANY condition (as-is) for a fair amount of cash. We have helped many vacant landowners sell their unused land for fair money without them wasting months (or even years!) of trying and failing to sell it themselves. You can be the next happy seller. ¡Hablamos Español!

Let’s Answer Your Biggest Question About Your Land! Should? You? Sell?

  • Have you ever asked yourself: “Should I sell my land?”
  • There are a lot of reasons not to sell your land. There are also a lot of reasons to sell your land.

However, if the amount of reasons to SELL is higher, then keeping your land is a route to more problems you may not have anticipated. Our typical customer is a landowner who has owned the land for many years and whose plan for the land has changed – they will never use the land because the family situation is different. Or they are either delinquent on taxes and want out, or inherited the land but prefer the cash. ¡Hablamos Español!

Should you sell your land?

Sell your land IF:

Don’t sell your land IF:

Avoid This One Common Mistake 90% Of Landowners Make When Selling Their Land!

  • Our customers are saving $5000 – $15000 on average by avoiding this one simple mistake that’s very common when you want to sell vacant land online.
  • If you’re selling land privately, make sure you work with someone who wants the best result for you.

Land sellers are mostly taking an ‘easy’ option which might be a family member or friend who is a realtor. However, they may not be the best option for your specific situation. Because every land is different and needs a different approach and result.

That’s why your best choice is to work with someone who has an unbiased view and can remain neutral and objective with you. You don’t need to waste time with realtors that might never sell your land, or might take years. And you also don’t need to pay fees to get your land sold! ¡Hablamos Español!

How Does Our Effective 4-Step Process Look Like?

1. Request your offer with all premium bonuses, so we can research your land.

2. If your land meets our buying criteria, we will continue with the selling land contract.

3. We will do all due diligence, fixing any land problems and getting you your cash.

4. You’ll receive your cash however you want and enjoy the sweet feeling of relief.

Our cash offer for land will get you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook with a value-packed interview + a free mobile notary worth $250. ¡Hablamos Español!

The Secret Strategy of The Smartest Land Sellers No One Wants You to Know

Selling your vacant land fast for fair cash without commissions, hassles, wasted time, or any stress is much easier than you think. It’s about working with the right partner. Most landowners don’t know the right way to sell it themselves, that’s why they become stuck with their vacant land and expenses for months or even years. That will not be your case!

Why Do Vacant Landowners Love To Work With Us?

First of all, we buy any land as-is and we’re giving you the best shortcut to a fast, fair, easy, and hassle-free sale. Agents don’t typically put in the energy as they do into selling a house because the commissions are low, and the land market is slow. With us, you can expect all these valuable benefits:

You Are Fully Covered By Our Satisfaction Guarantees!

We Guarantee:

To pay all fees, back taxes, open liens, and closing costs. No money out of your pocket!

We Guarantee:

You will have one teammate available during business hours and they’ll keep you updated.

We Guarantee:

Maximum safety of the closing with official title companies and title attorneys.

We Guarantee:

You will not be required to repair, improve, or invest any money to sell this land.

Our cash offer for land will get you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook with a value-packed interview + a free mobile notary worth $250. ¡Hablamos Español!

Claim Your Premium Bonuses For FREE Now!

An Insightful eBook: Why Issues Happen With Vacant Land and How To Solve Them For Good

You will read about solving title issues, why title issues happen, why tax delinquency happens, what is the county process when you're behind on taxes, and when does it go into a tax sale. How do you prevent this? What happens when probate is required? What are the complications with probate? Are you the ACTUAL owner, even if you've been paying taxes? Read this eBook to find out.

A Value-Packed Interview With A Land Expert: “How Land Investors Can Solve All Vacant Land Issues For Good!”

All land problems can be solved and you’ll see how in this valuable interview. You will see how land investors work, what the process looks like when working with a land investor, and how to build trust between you and a land investor.

A FREE mobile notary worth $250

We will send you a mobile notary completely FREE to complete the transaction at closing if you prefer, so you don’t even have to leave your home, because we want to make selling your land as easy as it can get for you. The whole process will be smooth, easy, and safe.

What Do Happy Clients Say About Working With Us?

What Are Landowners Asking Before Selling Land To Us?

We make the transaction easy and very transparent. We will send you a purchase agreement for the agreed-upon price. We then conduct deeper due diligence and put the property into escrow. All funds handled for the property will be done with a reputable Title Company or Attorney. Title reviews, closing document preparation, all paperwork is done by our team and is provided to you prior to closing.

We spend time conducting deep due diligence on the property. This involves conducting title and lien searches, ensuring title insurance can be issued, and fixing any potential issues that may impede the use of the property. But we usually close much sooner than expected. We also work with Title Companies who perform the closing process and there can be delays here, depending on how busy the title companies are at that time.

Once we go through all of the research, we are then able to safely close on the conditions that we promised in the contract. The closing agent will issue all closing documents to you for review and once approved, they will arrange a date and time that suits all parties to close for you. This can be done either in person or via a Mobile Notary, whichever you choose.

Once the notarized documents are received by the closing agent and they are recorded, the closing agent will arrange a check or wire transfer to you, whichever you choose. This typically happens within a few days after the Mobile Notary has been to visit and has signed the documents with you.

We assess all properties based on attributes. Some of the properties have issues that need fixing and we ensure these issues are fixed for you prior to closing. Also, we look at the fair market value for the property and what it takes to make the property usable. This may impact what the real value is, versus other properties in the area that may already be cleared and ready to build on and have access. As property investors and buyers, we also do all of the hard work for you: due diligence, fixing any issues to ensure it can be used, and liaising with all title companies and attorneys to have any issues fixed. We approach this with the mindset that everyone wins: you, the end-user of the land, and us, the investor.

Claim Your Cash Offer With Your Bonuses Now

You’re just one step away from being the next happy land seller.

  • You’ll be free from your land.
  • You won’t pay another dollar to pay taxes or maintain it
  • You’ll end up with more money.

Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the data and information so you can make a fully informed decision. This is for you ONLY if you really want to sell your land quickly without any fees or stress, for a fair amount of cash.

Our spots are limited because we only work with a few landowners every month. If you want to avoid disappointment, If you want to avoid disappointment, click Get Offer and Bonuses Now and we will help with your vacant land right away! ¡Hablamos Español!

Our cash offer for land will get you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook with a value-packed interview + a free mobile notary worth $250. ¡Hablamos Español!